We’re Back

North American Solar Products set up shop in Lennon, Michigan in 1980. Over the next few years, we sold nearly 5,000 roof mounted heating panels throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

After the tax credits initiated by the Carter administration expired, Michigan’s solar heating industry came to an abrupt halt. So in 1985, we put our solar designs and equipment in mothballs.

Fast forward to 2011. The “Green Movement” is alive and well, solar products are in the news everyday, and companies are looking for ways to shrink their carbon footprints. The cost of electricity and LP gas are on the rise, and gasoline is nearly $4.00 per gallon!

Because of current developments, we have decided to put our Solar Furnace™ back into production! While similar panels are available, ours is the only one with:

  • A Patent Pending
  • Production of 45,000 Btu’s Per Day
  • A 30 Year Warranty
  • A True and Quick Return on Investment